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My daily DXN Spirulina

My DXN Spirulina portion and conspumption


My daily  DXN spirulina  dosage is (about) 10 tablets. It can not be overdosed, so I do not always count, I put a few of this wonder-alga randomly when I am in my kitchen.

As you see in the video, I prefer chewing the tablets . Spirulina absorbs faster this way. I think DXN Spirulina is a super food  of delicious taste. Drinking water or DXN drinks like Morinzhi, rosielle or cordypine  after it is recommended. The fluids also help to flush out Spirulina from between my teeth.

Spirulina’s small and green, and it makes you lean and mean ???? You can safely try this at home ????


Should I chew or swallow Spirulina?

As this green alga has a tendency to stick between my teeth, I only chew it when I am at home. It might add a Halloween monster look to one’s teeth if chewed, hehe. I suggest swallowing the tablets if one consumes Spirulina at workplace for example.


Is Spirulina a food supplement?

Along with  DXN Ganoderma, Spirulina superfood contains all the essential nutrients for healthy body functions. CEO of DXN Berhad, dr. Lim does not call them food supplements but food. His food supplements are all the other meals he eats like vegetables, rice, fruit. If humans did not like the feeling of eating and the joy of tasing delicious dishes, they could live on these two core products of DXN company: Reishi and Spirulina.

Can I lose weight with Spirulina?

Due to its small size and extremely high nutritive value, Spirulina is an excellent choice for weight-loss diets  as well. In case of such diets it is recommended to take the tablets or Spirulina powder about half an hour before eating with 2 glasses of water. It fills the stomach creating the feeling of satiety. This way less food is needed to satisfy hunger.

Spirulina works the other way too, if one wants to put on more weight. By this I do not mean that it makes one fat. Spirulina, along with Reishi (Lingzhi) mushroom optimizes the body’s functions and overall state, so bodyweight too.

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