DXN Apple Fermented Juice Drink Base


Try the DXN Apple Fruit Juice Drink Base today. It comes in a convenient, individual pack, which you can enjoy easily by just adding water. For better taste, the concentrated fruit juice can also be mixed with carbonated water. For a healthy lifestyle, do grab the DXN Apple Fruit Juice Drink Base Now!

Packaging size: 15 packs x 50ml

The enzyme is made up of amino acids, a special biological active ingredient necessary for the human body. By acting with a group of biochemical reactions of the human body, it completes the normal functions of the body such as healing, processing and assimilating all the necessary nutrients of food.

The use of enzymes for dietary supplements began in a new Japan in the early 20th century and have over 80 years of history. In recent years, they have been gradually introduced from Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and the United States, creating a wave of Enzymatic Enthusiasm. The process of producing Apple Drink Enzymes is based on quality raw materials, high quality assurance, unique natural resources for agricultural purposes and adequate solar radiation that facilitates the accumulation of photosynthesis of crops. The Energy Drink from Apple Enzymes has undergone a high quality deep fermentation with a stable process. Complete fermentation allows the beneficial ingredients to continue to decompose through the dominant bacteria and become the substance for easier absorption by the body. The packaging is unique, convenient, high durability, suitable for food safety.


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