DXN Civattino Ground Coffee – 200 Grams – 100% Fermented Coffee Beans

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DXN Civattino Coffee,

200 gramm

  Fermented Coffee Beans 100% 

DXN Civattino Coffee is an animal free civet coffee which is made from 100% premium fermented coffee beans; specially brought to you by DXN! It gives you a satisfying deep pleasant aroma with a smooth and mild flavour. Light up your day with every sip of DXN Civattino Coffee!

Packaging size: 200g / bottle


DXN Civattino Coffee is produced without the use of civets from 100% premium fermented coffee beans, and is available in rough powder form packed into a bottle (Packaging size: 200g/bottle).

Benefits of drinking Civet Coffee:

it protects your teeth and keeps them clean.

it reduces the risk of skin cancer up to 17%.

it can also help in decreasing the risk of diabetes.

it boosts metabolism and aids digestion, so it is suitable for all those who want to lose extra weight.

it can reduce muscle pain by 48% after workout.

it helps to prevent neurological diseases.

History of civet coffee:

In the early 1700s, civet coffee was discovered by Indonesian farmers as they were working on Dutch coffee plantations.

The Indonesian farmers were not allowed to pick the coffee fruits for their own use, so they decided to acquire coffee beans through a different method: picking the coffee beans from civets’ droppings.

The coffee beans were then cleaned, roasted and brewed into a cup of what eventually turned to be a delicious drink: Civet Coffee.

So more and more Indonesian farmers started to brew this Civet Coffee, and the Dutch later got on the bandwagon too.

As a result, this type of coffee was in high demand, but the quantity of civet coffee beans was low…this made the civet coffee the most expensive coffee in the world.

In time, this high demand for civet coffee encouraged producers to capture civets from the wild, keeping them in cruel conditions to increase the yield of partially-digested coffee beans.

In fact, they are fed a poor diet in terrible conditions, so many of them die early or show signs of injuries.

So, to produce Civet coffee DXN had only two choices in order to avoid such cruel practices:

Solution 1: select wild-sourced, cage-free civet coffee – which allows wild civets to live in their natural habitat and is good also for rural communities, who can continue to generate incomes by collecting and selling the coffee beans excreted by civets in the wild.

Solution 2: select civet coffee without the civets – that is, a non-animal based Civet Coffee.

Through a particular process of fermentation, Civet Coffee can be produced with no coffee beans being ingested and expelled by a civet.

So it is a product that tries to mimic the fine qualities of Civet Coffee in terms of flavour and aroma.

Hence DXN Civattino Coffee, an animal-free civet coffee made up of 100% premium fermented coffee beans, which are then roasted to produce a mild flavour and smooth feel with a satisfying deep pleasant aroma.

DXN Civattino Coffee represents an alternative choice for coffee lovers, because it contains:

less caffeine*

less calories**

No sugar or creamer

Product usage:

How to prepare DXN Civattino Coffee using the DXN Espresso Kettle:

pour 400 ml of water into the kettle’s fixed drum.

Add 8 tablespoons (22g) of DXN Civattino Coffee into the ingredients funnel.

Put back the filled funnel onto the fixed drum.

Close the kettle lid and touch the button.

Enjoy the mild aroma and smooth taste of your coffee once you hear the beeping sound of the ready mode.

How to prepare DXN Civattino Coffee without the DXN Espresso Kettle:

Put 4 scoops (11g) of DXN Civattino Coffee into a cup.

Add 200 ml of hot water (70 °C).

leave the coffee soaked for 5 minutes in order to let the flavours leach.

the filter it into another cup and it is ready to be served.

You may add sugar, sweeteners or milk powder as desired.

DXN Civattino Coffee is an ideal choice for people from all walks of life.

So do not hesitate! Have your daily morning cup of coffee with DXN Civattino Coffee, TODAY!

Experience the taste of one the most expensive coffees in the world…with an animal-free Civet Coffee.


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