Portable coffee machine grinding beans


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Portable coffee machine, grinders, brewing machines, realize the integration of coffee bean grinding and brewing, temperature control, and heating functions, so that you can drink delicious coffee at home.

Our products include automatic, semi-automatic, manual, you can fully enjoy the fun of grinding coffee beans, we also include juicer, broken wall cooking machine, fruit and vegetable machine, grinder, spice black pepper grinder.

This product can realize the super bass function, and the powder is delicate, which can fully meet the needs of home and business functions. Can be used in the office, outdoor travel, dormitory, portable, full-featured, Mini, smart coffee machine, siphon coffee machine, capsule coffee machine, drip coffee machine, American Italian style automatic, high-end configuration, touch screen Controllable, reliable quality, beautiful and fashionable, easy to clean and clean, you can also feel the fun of delicious coffee at home, home style, business style, restaurant and cafe style, friends who like to drink coffee, it is a great boon, thank you for coming, I wish you a happy life!

Brand:The favorite coffee/Mexican coffee
model:Rechargeable coffee machine
Coffee machine type:Fully automatic
Coffee machine principle:pressure
capacity:5 cups or less
Whether plugged in:no

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