DXN Fruit Paste Product Based On Fermented Apple


Apple Fermented Jam

Apple is a premium fruit, rich in minerals and vitamins suitable for Soluble Nutrition

An extremely tasty apple jam with a moderately sweet and sour taste that has been fermented. Rich in nutritional value as its nutrients can be readily absorbed by the human body, free from preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances. Your new healthy choice.

Packaging: 20×15 gr


Energy – Immediate Toning – Ideal for athletes – Better digestion and balance – Intestinal flora – Metabolism – Enhanced burning – Weight loss – Decreased appetite – Anxiety – Stress – Good mood – Detoxification – Strengthen vital organs. The enzyme is made up of amino acids, a special biological active ingredient necessary for the human body. By acting with a group of biochemical reactions of the human body, it completes the normal functions of the body such as healing, processing and assimilation of all the necessary nutrients of food.

The use of enzymes for dietary supplements began in a new Japan in the early 20th century and has a history of over 80 years.

In recent years, it has been gradually introduced from Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and the United States, creating a wave of Enzymatic Enthusiasm.

The process of producing Apple Drink Enzymes is based on quality raw materials, high quality assurance, unique natural resources for agricultural purposes, and adequate solar radiation that facilitates the accumulation of photosynthesis in crops.


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